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Get Involved

The first step starts with YOU!

We have a variety of ways for you to get
involved and make an impact. Our goal is to ensure that your investment
in the Vail Valley Foundation is on the right path to fuel
your passion in the community.

Become a Donor

Enhance your impact across all that the Vail Valley Foundation has to offer by becoming a member. Connect with your fellow donors and enjoy a range of social benefits, and unique experiences, all while supporting the Vail Valley Foundation’s overarching mission.

Targeted Donation

With your donation, we become partners in creating the sustainable change and impact we want to see in Eagle County. Whether it is through dance, the Vilar Performing Arts Center, the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, athletics, education, or all of the above, your targeted donation has a positive and lasting effect across all walks of life in our valley.


Strong communities start with vision. Be an active contributor to change on a grassroots level and get in on the action. Join the Vail Valley Foundation team by volunteering at one of our events or venues, or become a mentor for one of our education programs.

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