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COVID-19 novel coronavirus: the Vail Valley Foundation response for upcoming events, venues and programs

Updated March 10, 2020

The Board of Directors, leadership and staff of the Vail Valley Foundation place the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families, our supporters, guests and the people we serve at our many events and programs, as a top priority.

The recent global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has underscored the importance for all event organizers, including the Vail Valley Foundation, to work closely with federal, state and local public health organizations and officials to determine proper protocols, limitations, postponements, and or cancellations of public events and programs in the event of a public health emergency.

As an organization that hosts many of our community’s most cherished events and programs, we are among many organizations around the world that are taking this coronavirus outbreak very seriously. We have informed our staff to take recommended special precautions, and we are preparing our organization, partners, and the many stakeholders we serve in this valley in case there is a need to take special action according to the informed recommendations of federal, state or local health officials.

We are carefully considering the possible impacts of a further spread of COVID-19  specific to many public events scheduled for our community, including the GoPro Mountain Games, as well as concerts, special events and activities at the Vilar Performing Arts Center which is in full winter season operation, and the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, which will open for the summer 2020 season in May, and our many youth education programs operated under YouthPower365.

At this time, we are not cancelling any events or programs. We are following the guidance of public health institutions, closely monitoring the situation, and we are prepared to take swift action, if necessary, in support of the health and welfare of everyone who is a part of the VVF community.

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