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PwrHrs is an afterschool program serving youth (K-8) through a tiered experience of homework help, tutoring, experiential learning, social-emotional skill building, and clubs driven by both student and school interests, passions, and needs. The program at each school site is licensed through the Colorado Department of Health and Human Services.

The PwrHrs Coordinator is at the helm of the program at their school site. With assistance from YouthPower365, they guide both its daily activities and development. With YouthPower365 resources and support, the coordinator outreaches to students and families, making sure both have access to services through PwrHrs, and in turn, that the kids who need it the most, are connected. The coordinator also supports PwrHrs instructors in providing meaningful opportunities. Working with YouthPower365 staff and resources, the coordinator makes both teacher and student dream “afterschool” experience a reality, while meeting individual school goals for kids and families.


  • Support PwrHrs instructors and staff to deliver high-quality programming
  • Outreach to students and families to connect them to and when possible, enroll them in PwrHrs opportunities; in some cases, the coordinator can work with the YouthPower365 Parent Ambassador for further support
  • Assist in recruiting instructors and supporting their ideas and interests in programming
  • Ensure the programs are compliant with licensing requirements for instructors and the site with support from YouthPower365
  • Work with YouthPower365 to ensure instructors and activities have the equipment, supplies, curriculum, or other items to make programs successful
  • Assist in aligning PwrHrs with the goals and objectives of each the school.
  • Work with YouthPower365 biannually to collect qualitative and quantitative information
  • College Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field
  • 3+ years of experience working with youth
  • Creative, innovative, collaborative, and inspiring individual
  • Ability to be licensed as a Coordinator upon hire
  • Bilingual – preferred
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Familiarity with technology or willingness to be trained

This is a hourly position.

  • Pay is $37 to $41 an hour based on tenure with YouthPower365.
  • Paid time for scheduling, planning, and training
  • Stipend for professional development
  • Sick leave of 1 hour every 30 hours logged

To become a candidate, contact Sara Amberg at


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