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Vail Valley Foundation Community Fund Application

“The world is not a lonely place, there is light

and life and love enough for all of us.”

– President Gerald R. Ford

After realizing the quickly-rising needs within our community, on April 22, 2020, the Vail Valley Foundation launched a campaign to fundraise for the following four critical areas in our community.

  • Hunger/Food Insecurity
  • Rent and Household Assistance
  • Mental and Behavioral Health, including Domestic Violence
  • Children and Youth Education and Programs

Please read through the following requirements and eligibility information before submitting an application.


In order to be considered for funding through the Vail Valley Foundation Community Fund, the following minimum requirements must be met.

  • Must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating in the Eagle River Valley.
  • Must complete an online application.
  • Must have a mission falling within one of the four identified areas of critical need.
  • Must provide a report after 90 days of receiving funds, indicating how funds were used.
  • Must ensure that funds will be used to the benefit of any resident of or person working in the Eagle River Valley.



Vail Valley Foundation Community Fund dollars that have been raised in response to this campaign will be distributed based on the following parameters.

  • Financial support for nonprofits addressing needs within the four critical areas only, will be reviewed by the Vail Valley Foundation Community Fund steering committee for approval of disbursements.
  • Funds will be approved for programming expenses only, and no capital projects will be considered. In some cases, the steering committee will consider disbursement of funds for labor and overhead costs when directly related to delivering programs within the community.
  • Between May – September 2020, the steering committee will focus on allocating 45% of total funds raised in order to address critical needs already identified within the community. The remaining 55% of funds will be allocated between October 2020 and into early 2021 in order to address further hardships that are anticipated in the coming months and into early winter.
  • The steering committee will prioritize awarded funding to the most operationally-organized and effective nonprofits in order to maximize the impact of each donor’s generosity.
  • Nonprofits must use 100% of funds awarded within the Eagle River Valley, as defined as geographically located between East Vail and Dotsero.
  • In the short-term, housing assistance will be made a priority.
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