Planned Giving

Enhance and sustain our community through your planned giving commitment to the Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle. 

Have you considered the impact that your life has on the people around you? Many people can look at their family and friends – knowing they have had a positive influence. Still they yearn to do more . . . something deeper for mankind and positive for their community that will survive the challenge of time.

By including the Vail Valley Foundation in your estate plan you have the opportunity to create a legacy through a lasting and permanent gift to Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle. Your gift will help sustain our community and mission of enhancing the spirit of the Vail Valley and enriching the lives of future generations through arts, athletic and educational endeavors.

If you would like to create this kind of legacy contact our Development Team at (970) 777-2015

How to Become a Member of the Vail Valley Visionary Circle

Becoming a member is simple!  You can either call or write the Vail Valley Foundation to tell them you have included our institution as a beneficiary.   

There are many ways to make a planned gift, and we invite you to explore some suggestions provided below. We suggest that you discuss these or other options with your estate or financial planner to help choose the plan that works best for you.


One-Time Gift
Some people prefer to make a current donation this year. Typically, gifts of cash or appreciated assets are most appropriate. You will be eligible for current tax benefits lowering the net cost of your gift.

Retirement Plan
One of the planned gifts you can make involves IRAs and retirement plans. You can name the Vail Valley Foundation as a beneficiary of all, or a portion, of these accounts.

Life Insurance
You can also name the Vail Valley Foundation as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. This gives you the flexibility to change your mind at any time in the future should your needs change.

Retained Life Estate
Donate a personal residence and retain the right to occupy it for the rest of your life, but receive tax benefits today.

Charitable Bequest
By including us in your will or living trust, you create a gift today that the VVF will receive when your estate is settled. Several types of bequests are available, among them:

As your estate appreciates, today’s bequest will have greater impact in the future

Specific Assets or Amount:
Determine an exact dollar amount or asset.

Charitable Gift Annuity
Make a gift today and you (and another person, if desired) will receive fixed payments for life, which you can never outlive. The payments can begin now or at a later date that you choose. The rates are attractive and you will be eligible for tax benefits, too.

Charitable Remainder Trust
In the right situation, a charitable remainder trust can provide powerful financial, tax, and estate planning benefits. You donate assets into your trust for the eventual benefit of the VVF. In the interim, the trust pays income to you and/or your designated income beneficiaries. You receive tax benefits, too.

Charitable Lead Trust
A charitable lead trust can provide support for the VVF for a period of time you determine. You donate assets into your trust. After the trust’s term is over, it transfers assets to your heirs with little or no estate or gift tax.


Enhance and sustain our community through your planned giving commitment to the Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle.

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