Why Rebrand?

We are thrilled to announce the Youth Foundation’s new name and brand identity: YouthPower365. We hope you will join us in communicating this new name to our community.

At YouthPower365, we aspire to serve every child every day in the Vail Valley.  We currently serve over 4,000 youth in direct programming and we impact every child in every classroom through helping raise the academic performance of students. For each child with whom we work, we see an improved educational demeanor that ripples outward to positively impact the overall educational atmosphere in all our classrooms.

Whether it’s early childhood education, afterschool programming, Girl PowHER, Pwr Hrs, Dollars for Scholars, or any of the more than 15 programs we offer in Eagle County, we strive every day to raise the quality of life, health, and education for young people all throughout the valley.

In coming years, under the banner of our new brand identity, we seek to empower an even larger number of children, and multiply the effects of creating a positive culture of education throughout our community.

With your support, we feel our new brand puts us in a position to more clearly communicate our goals and our identity. We look forward to working with you as we take our organization into the future for the benefit of all the young people of our valley.

Melisa Signature

Melisa Rewold-Thuon
VP Education
Vail Valley Foundation | YouthPower365

With our new name comes a new identity – one that is more true to our legacy, our purpose and our programming. However, many may wonder: why rebrand?

• The term “Foundation” is misleading: it implies we are a grant-giving organization, which we are not.

• Many other Youth Foundations exist.

• A community market research survey identified “Youth Foundation” as being too exclusive – counter to our “Every Child Every Day” philosophy.

• There is confusion in our community about what our organization does, and we’d like to reset the conversation.

• The Vail Valley Foundation’s Youth Foundation is repetitive

Why YouthPower365?



The term "Youth" honors the history and legacy of Youth Foundation and is the best term to represent the wide range of ages we serve.


"Power" symbolizes the main objective of all our programs: the empowerment of our participants


It is our aspiration to create programming that is relevant and available to ALL children in the Vail Valley, year round, in every stage of their lives.