Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds strives to improve the knowledge of life sciences and personal health through learning the origin of food in a greenhouse and outdoor gardens. 

Number of participants: 1,068  students
Ages: 5-13 years | K - 8th grade
Locations: Brush Creek, Edwards and Eagle Valley Elementary schools
Contact: Shawna Wood at

Sowing Seeds works with public schools to integrate gardening into the curriculum, resulting in teachers having the ability to use this resource-rich school garden as a catalyst to discuss the food cycle, the natural environment, and making smart food choices. The program also allows students to incorporate their gardening produce into the school cafeteria program and learn food economics by selling plants and vegetables at local Farmer’s Markets. The Sowing Seeds project is a partnership with local restaurateur Kelly Liken, who teaches after-school “Cook with a Chef” classes and attends select Farmer’s Markets with students preparing fresh food on-site.