VVF Education

Many around the nation would see Vail and Beaver Creek and automatically assume that not only is everyone that lives and works in the Vail Valley wealthy, but also that all of our state-funded services are the best money can buy.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Like many other communities in this country, our leaders are seeing the critical need to carefully examine our public education system and to implement much needed change and reform in order to ensure that our children have the best educational opportunities available to them.

Our school system is under tremendous budgetary pressure and unable to meet all of the needs of each child.  The public-private partnership we have created is critically important in addressing the needs of the whole child.

These needs include:

As a result:

  • Over 4,000 Eagle County School Children Annually Are Engaged With At Least One Youth Foundation Program
  • Over 425,000 Student Contact Hours Are Logged Each Year
  • 49% Of All Eagle County Children Annually Served Via Youth Foundation Initiatives
  • 6 : 1 Student/Teacher Ratios VS 15 : 1 National Average Classroom Ratio
  • 250% Increased Physical Activity Of Afterschool Program Participants