Tierro with Bridget Law + WE DREAM DAWN 


Performing the first set will be Tierro with Bridget Law followed by WE DREAM DAWN with guest Bridget Law.

About WE DREAM DAWN: In 2015, WE DREAM DAWN quickly grew from a distant dream into a new life when Sage Cook decided to take leave from Elephant Revival, a neo-folk quintet he had helped found in 2006.  Fueled by lofty ideals about approaching art while living closer to the land, this new project is honing in on a new sort of American dream. 

Although WE DREAM DAWN was born from a subsistence farming adventure you may never
come to that conclusion by listening to them.  Somewhere between vintage analog psychedelia and dreamy electro folk pop these folks are representing rural America in a whole new light.

WE, as in all life.
DREAM, as in create.
DAWN, as in the new day.

About Tierro with Bridget Law: Tierro Lee (founding member of Kan’Nal and producer of Arise Music Festival) plays guitar and has been composing instrumental music for 2 decades. His music has been published in commercials worldwide for companies such as Gillette, Nokia and others. It has also been the soundtrack for independent and Hollywood films as well as a of Broadway theatrical production currently being performed in New York. This band represents Tierro’s most heartfelt compositions reminiscent of world music styles through his use of Arabian and Latin scales. Bridget Law (founding member of Elephant Revival) is a fiddle player and singer who finds joy in composing and accompanying original music. When collaborating with Tierro her natural talents are highlighted through sweet melodies and passionate improvisation. Accompanied by the extraordinary skills of Charlie Parker Mertens on bass and Jonny Jyemo on drums this becomes a super group, stoking the energetic fire in the room and delivering a trance experience. 

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Learn more about these artists at: www.wedreamdawn.com and www.facebook.com/TierroLive