Talia Keys & The Love

Musical powerhouse of multi-genre instrumentals


Talia Keys is a force to be reckoned with! As a genre crossing multi-instrumental "musical powerhouse" - SLC Weekly, she authentically performs and writes her brand of soul-funk-rock n' roll. Infusing unique vocal stylings with a storytelling hip-hop flow, while sourcing energies largely compared to the bluesy rawness of Janis Joplin and the fire of Jimi Hendrix. Synergizing that old soul vibe to new school beats. Best described by Katie Bain as "blistering." Having been "struck by her talent, stage presence and refreshing candor."- Insomniac: 2014 Best of Electric Forest.

Making a name for herself in music and now film. Talia is proud to be featured as "a new face" for Salt Lake City's tourism campaign, SKI CITY. Licensing her original song "Me", introducing the campaign as well as singing, playing guitars and drums through out their commercial. You may have seen it previewing for Warren Miller's 2016- Here There and Every Where, on-line winter sporting events and select cable networks, to name a few.

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Talia entertains locally, nationally and in Europe. Playing solo, she'll live loop electric guitars, synthesizer, drum machine, beat-boxing and vocals for her one woman band, GEMINI MIND (evolving since 2010). Performing with TALIA KEYS & THE LOVE (band est. July 2015) she'll front as lead vocal/guitar (or lead vocal/drums when Dave Brogan is drumming for ALO, Incidental Animals..). Both projects perform all originals, a mix of originals and covers or a full on tribute show with THE LOVE (Bowie/Prince 2016, Michael Jackson, Woodstock 1969, Grateful-Dread, 27 Club).

Most recently, TK & THE LOVE rung in 2017 with a special sold out Women Who Rock show, then Talia's GEMINI MIND was featured as an official artist of The Sundance Institutes 2017 Sundance Film Festival.


All ShowDown Town Concerts take place Thursdays at the Eagle Town Park. Music starts at 6:30pm. Music happening through July and August for free concerts, family fun and community gatherings!