Robby Peoples Band

Traditional hill-country blues dubbed with whiskey folk and ball-kicking rock


Robby Peoples may not have a degree in music, but he is certainly a scholar of Rhythm and Blues. Having grown up in Mississippi, Peoples learned to play harmonica and guitar in the traditions of Hill Country Blues and Rock and Roll music on the porches of Oxford. His original music, dubbed "Whiskey Folk" and "Ball Kicking Rock," is dominated by his uncanny stage presence and gravel-meets-sandpaper voice, which has been described as the love child of Tom Waits and Joe Cocker. After touring from coast to coast with rock outfits Shady Deal and The Congress, Peoples has found a home for his band The Bank Walkers in Denver, where he brings the backbeat of water living to the Rocky Mountains. 


All ShowDown Town Concerts take place Thursdays at the Eagle Town Park. Music starts at 6:30pm. Music happening through July and August for free concerts, family fun and community gatherings!